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For most companies, the sales force is their most expensive human resource investment. Sales costs continue to escalate, in some cases, costing upwards of hundreds of dollars per sales call.

Companies have turned to different types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to gain more productivity from their sales force. While these type initiatives have merit, they are costly for many small businesses.

Sales territories are geographic by nature. In many cases those areas with the highest amount of potential customers can be underserved, while other areas are oversaturated.

Aligning and managing sales territories properly can lead to many benefits for a business. Good territory management will lead to increase sales, better customer coverage, while reducing travel time and costs. Each territory is created allowing each salesperson to reach and spend quality time with the greatest number of high potential customers.

Wayne Huron and Partners will assist you in analyzing your current territories, customer locations and market penetration. We identify additional prospects, with the same purchasing characteristics as your current customers, within your territories; via Market Prospector, our lead generation process.

We assist you in assessing your existing territories to find those underserved or saturated areas and develop a territory plan that maximizes your sales revenues at the lowest cost.

We develop a “rack and stack” monthly performance measurement to track individual territory performance and help you provide a continuum of new additional leads to each of the territories.

Contact our team and discover how better sales territory management can increase your bottom line.

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