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Channel Management is another sales and marketing term that is tossed around like everyone knows what it means. But so few companies really comprehend channel management and how it helps them. Sales channels (being the pipeline by which we distribute our products/services to the end-users) comes in many shapes, from directs sales to the internet web search, to the more traditional retail environment. Most companies just keep doing whatever they can to get any business from any of them. Is this the most efficient and effective approach?

That’s where Wayne Huron and Partners comes in. Our staff works with your company to formalize and create specific programs to market and service your clients within a specific channel to impact your business in a positive way.

We first segment your customers by similar characteristics…their needs…..buying habits …etc., and then develop a channel management program that determines goals, policies, products and programs.

We assist you in defining the goals you want to reach for each channel segment.

Working together we construct well-defined policies for administrating the customers within each of the segments. We make sure you keep each of the unique characteristics of each segment in mind when establishing policies for account set up, order management and product fulfillment.

We help you identify which of your products you offer are most suited for each segment and create appropriate messaging.

We design support programs for your channel members that meet THEIR needs. We work with your channel members to define what best supports their efforts in the selling and marketing of your products. This is not a one size fits all, but a customized well planned interactive approach so that each of the segments can work within the overall channel management theme and dramatically increase sales revenues.

By defining a channel management strategy for each segment allows our clients to be more effective within each segment, while gaining efficiencies in how you go to market.

By developing a good balance between customization and brand consistency we help you establish a long term approach to successful Channel Management.

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