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Marketing communications is expensive if you do it wrong. It is extremely profitable when you do it right.

Marketing communications is a supercharger for your sales organization. It reaches more customers and prospects regularly, builds awareness of your brand and positioning statements, creates inquires from interested prospects, and supports your sales organization with effective communications tools.

At Wayne Huron and Partners, we offer the expertise and experience to supercharge your marketing communications efforts. We have over 30 years in developing and managing marketing communications programs for Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and mid-size companies that want to become Fortune 500 companies. In that time, we have learned the best strategies and tactics to maximize your resources and budget to accomplish your goals.

Understanding and Objectives

It all starts with gaining a full understanding of your company’s needs, products, resources, sales channels, competition and markets. From there, we work with you to develop communications objectives: Expand Into New Markets/Territories, Develop Sales Leads, Increase Awareness, Introduce a New Product/Service, etc.


We then develop strategies to achieve the objectives. Strategies could include: Communicate Product/Service Benefits to Specific Audiences, Drive More Visitors to the Website, Support the Sales Channel(s) with New Selling Tools, Promote a Free 90 Day Trial, etc.


Wayne Huron and Partners offer professional support using the tactics needed to accomplish the strategies. Examples of individual items needed to communicate strategies to customers, prospective customers, sales channel(s), media, investors, etc. are: eMail Campaigns, New Sales Literature, Public Relations Program, Upgrading Your Website, Trade Shows/Seminars, etc.


Our years of marketing communications experience result in a cost-effective program. We know how to execute communications tactics at the lowest cost possible, with exceptional results. Our associates and vendors are highly experienced and offer high productivity to keep costs low and quality high.


You can trust Wayne Huron and Partners to not only develop your marketing communications program, but manage it along the way. Professional management to help ensure that your program meets or exceeds its objectives. We will be right there to keep you and your team up-to-date with your program’s progress.

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