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By identifying specific demographics about your existing customers, we assist you in finding growth opportunities in new and existing markets and pinpoint market demand by the demographics you request. Choose from this criteria and more (not all available data is shown):
Company Name
Executive First Name
Executive Last Name
Professional Title
Executive Title
Executive Gender
Executive Biography
ZIP Code
ZIP Four
Carrier Route
Delivery Point Barcode
Metro Area
Neighborhood Phone Number Combined
Fax Number Combined
Toll Free Number Combined
Company Description
Primary SIC Code
Primary SIC Description
Primary SIC Ad Size
Primary SIC Year Appeared
SIC Code 1
SIC Code 1 Description
SIC Code 1 Ad Size
SIC Code 1 Year Appeared
SIC Codes 2 thru 26
SIC Code 2 Desc. 2 thru 26
SIC Code 2 thru 26 Ad Size
SIC Code 2 thru 26 Year Appeared
Primary NAICS
Primary NAICS Description
NAICS 1 Description
NAICS 2 thru 26
NAICS 2 thru 26 Desc.
Location Employee Size Range
Location Employee Size Actual
Location Sales Volume Range
Location Sales Volume Actual
Corporate Employee Size Range
Corporate Employee Size Actual
Corporate Sales Volume Range
Corporate Sales Volume Actual
Type of Business
Location Type
IUSA Number
Parent IUSA Number
Subsidiary IUSA Number
Foreign Parent Flag
Fortune 500 Ranking
Credit Cards Accepted
Last Updated On
Years in Database
Years Established
Square Footage
Number of PCs
Home Business
Credit Score Alpha
Government Office
Import Export Flag
Own or Lease
Firm or Individual
Executive First Name 1–50
Executive Last Name 1–50
Executive Title 1–50
Executive Gender 1–50
Executive Biography D5 1–50
Ticker Symbol
Stock Exchange
Accounting Expenses
Advertising Expenses
Computer Expenses
Contract Labor Expenses
Insurance Expenses
Legal Expenses
Office Supplies Expense
Management/Admin. Expenses
Package Container Expense
Payroll and Benefits Expenses
Purchase Print Expenses
Rent Expenses
Telcom Expenses
Utilities Expenses
Location Sales History Year 1
Location Sales History Year 2
Location Employee History Year 1
Location Employee History Year 2
Corporate Employees History Year 1
Corporate Employees History Year 2
Corporate Sales History Year 1
Corporate Sales History Year 2
Brands and Products 1–10
Mailing Address
Mailing City
Mailing State
Mailing Zip Code
Mailing Carrier Route
Mailing Delivery Point Bar Code
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