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Developing Brand Awareness

Developing brand awareness is the foundation of your company’s marketing efforts. It can position your company as an industry leader among customers, prospects, prospective employees, investors, vendors and others that are important to your organization. Brand awareness serves as a backdrop for all communications from your company. We can guide and implement your brand development process by using the following steps:


Developing brand awareness begins with the consistent image others see. Logo, stationery and business cards, website and eMails, vehicle signage, ads, tradeshow exhibits, etc. are the basics of your brand. We can help you optimize these items to make them professional and consistent to maximize your brand.


If nobody knows about your brand, your business is not going to get far. Making sure that your customers and stakeholders are aware of your brand should be your top priority. We can help you by researching the best and most cost-effective communications vehicles to promote your brand.


Why should a customer believe that you offer a better value than others? There are thousands of companies offering identical or similar products and services as your business. A well designed brand development and management program will provide compelling reasons for your customers to believe in your brand.

Central to your brand positioning is value. Your company must communicate value that meets expectations or goes beyond expectations to differentiate your business from others. Once customers understand your company’s value propositions, they will believe in your brand and the value it provides.

An important aspect of brand development is to create a positive emotional attachment to the brand. In order to create this emotional connection, you need to understand your audience. You not only have to respond to the current needs but also the future aspirations of your audience. Too many times well thought out branding strategies fail because they lack the ability to identify their target audience and do little to build an emotional connection.

It takes time, soul searching, research and objectivity to create these statements. Wayne Huron and Partners can help you develop unique brand positioning statements to weave through communications materials for maximum value.

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